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Entry #1


2008-02-22 15:22:20 by MuzzaBear

Dudes i duno wa to say :P


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2008-04-02 15:43:37

Very fair... ffs lol

MuzzaBear responds:

wat is lol


2008-04-02 16:47:41

Take a grammar course for the sake of the future generations.

MuzzaBear responds:

why did i touch a nerv with my bad spelling ,oh im sorry ya gay bitch


2008-04-02 17:17:17

stop critisising people who critisise you fag that just goes to show you can get kicked of ng for that.

MuzzaBear responds:

aww wats the matter did i insult ya gay buddy coz yr the fag get it right and as yr his bumchum i would of thought u would of taken a gramer course coz he like bums them


2008-04-05 18:48:56

No really, Muzza you and Bigster need to calm down, and pay attention to your 2nd grade teacher, you may be 8 but you were held back because of your terrible grammar and temper. People just don't like your flashes, you don't have to post everything you draw in Flash (what version are you using). I would recommend you make some more flash, and bring them to...well somewhere not here so you can get some more constructive feedback, because god knows this place is hateful. After you feel your flash has bumped up a quality notch or three, submit your latest and see how it does then. ~submit1

MuzzaBear responds:

why dnt you sumbit yr mother to my bed and see how she does then


2008-04-07 23:55:20

I smell flash fail.

MuzzaBear responds:

i smell a gay boy speaking


2008-05-21 18:47:28

Say, "Zuh?"

MuzzaBear responds: